Them Guns

Them Guns-From The Shadows


“Everybody Bleeds,” is ripper, a great way to start things off. “Fireworks,” is a clapping melody of bass grooves and sludge. “Close Your Eyes,” veers one way and then another. “Devil’s Eye,” is a clear syncopated rhythm machine. “Horoscope,” produces a fascinating piece of work. “Hand Me Your Heart,” is big and bombastic.

“The Right Way To Do Wrong,” is an interesting song. It produces some dark moments but also some moments of incredibly levity. “Lost Boys,” is filled with anger and grace. “Sidewinder,” a dark slow moving beast. “Heard It All Before,” grooves. “Muffins,” slithers and snakes. “The Rise,” aggressive and formulative.

The album is out now via TLK and in Grooves.