The Terrirotitories

The Terrirotitories Review


Numb Somehow comes in old fashioned, with the guitar leading the way and the vocals painting an image of something bleak, with an ounce of hope. Green Eyes does something similar. New Thing is pounding, old time, feel good, but with a hint of sadness. Quiet Voices speaks as an anthem, with its guitars leading and the melodies courageous. Bigger They Come is all about this and that, with an infectious groove. There and Gone is thoughtful.

Heart That Breaks is a heartbreaker set to a pounding rhythm. Roman Walls is another thoughtful and experimental song. On With The Show is a rocker. Standing In Place varies the tempo and instrumentation and keeps people hooked on the melodies. Wolves is a rocker, with a blinding riff.

The album is out 7th September via Pirate Press Records.