The Psycho Season

The Psycho Season-Grunge River Review

“Don’t Know About Tomorrow,” is dark, chaotic, heavy and filled with underlying melodies that terrifying the listener and thrill them in equal measure. “You Are The Sun,” has some very interesting melodical arrangements and takes a turn here and there, sometimes for the better, other times for the darkening mind. “Overcome,” a monster built on some seriously heavy riffs. “We Die Young,” a classic brought to life once more, roaring into life. “Slide,” slows things down and adds one or two elements of chaos within the mix.

“By The River,” is haunting, bluesy and thoughtful. A true breach of conduct. “Drown,” filled with slaughtering riffs, and massive choruses. “One With The Stars,” seers and soars, bringing things to an interesting edge. “Sky In Smoke,” a rocker that flies off the charts and keeps things interesting. “Hangin’ On,” thoughtful and searching, on the back of a gigantic riff.

The album is out on November 23rd.