The Irontown Diehards-Linchpin

"Livin On," swaggers through on the back of a mighty riff, the vocals are filled with some interesting changes here and there. A strong opener. "Ride," gallops through, swaggering in parts and dancing onward through the motions. "Amelia," swaggers onward, turning through the skies and producing something light and entertaining. "Alive," is an interesting song,... Continue Reading →


The Irontown Diehards, four incredibly talented musicians who have all previously played in top Northern Ireland rock and metal bands, have concocted their own unique style and blues-tinged original sound. ‘Ride’, the first single to be taken from The Irontown Diehards’ sophomore album ‘Linchpin’, set for release on September 6th, is a blistering, groove-laden, melody... Continue Reading →

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