The Heretics Fork

The Heretics Fork-Tormentore Review

P2-013 Cover.jpg

Realms Of Unmitigated Anguish is as dark and heavy as its name suggests, bringing to bear the poison and darkness of everything within humanity. Concealed In Infamy growls its way through, and produces some very memorable elements. Sacrosanct Disembowelment is a song that produces different ranges of aggression. The Malefic Womb is poisonous incarnate.

Abyssal Submergence contracts and contrasts deeply within its own self producing something that is surely a genuine masterpiece. Diminished Unto Lunacy is chaotic. Unhuman Engorgement moves and snarls. Vespers of Torment summarises everything on this album nicely.

The album is out 31st October via P2 Records.