The Filth Hounds

The Filth Hounds-Hair Of The Hound Review

“Attack!” is a riff monstrosity, building its way into the listener’s psyche and slowly turning it inside out, brilliantly executed. “Jack’s Nightmare,” another song that comes out with ferocity and simply grooves and struts around with power and flourish. “Tonight,” slow and brutal. “Dead Man’s Ey,” is powerful, bringing an interesting range and dynamic to the fore and slowly ensuring that the listener is hooked all over again.

“S.T.B.” begins with a flourish and continues down that path with interesting acoustic workings. “Lost,” another monster of a song with the guitars leading the charge. “Photograph,” a monster of a song with brutal riff pieces and searing vocal melodies. “Keeping The Pain Alive,” a song that snarls and bites with incredible ferocity.

The album is out on October 26th.