The Brew

The Brew-Art Of Persuasion Review


“Seven Days Too Long,” a cracker of an opener. Bringing in some fantastic melodies and riffs, driving home the important point about being backed with talent. “One Line Crimes,” a song that veers this way and that, bringing hard hitting rock and roll to the fore. Edging its way to completion off the back of some classic melodies. “Boomerang Fool,” another song that brings heaviness and groove to the fore, laying down the basic intent with power and grit. “Gin Soaked Loving Queen,” a rocker without any further need of explanation, simply driving the talent shift and owning it. “Naked As I Stand,” another song that comes in with ferocity and swagger. “Shaking The Room,” another rocker with both barrels going completely.

“Pointless Pain,” another song that drives a solid direction, bringing energy and bite forwards. Ensuring everyone is hooked from the moment the first riff kicks off. “Excess,” a song that bites and pulls, and rips and roars. Damaging the listener’s earbuds whilst also ensuring that they are kept on touch with power and might. “Carry The News,” a song that merges melody, innocence and bite all into one mighty push. “Ghost Of The Nation,” another song that keeps things interesting, swinging this way and that, all the while the swagger is evident throughout. “Pink Noise King,” a fantastic collaborative bluesy based effort that mixes well with the intricate melodies and the driving power of the band.

Art Of Persuasion is out on 5th October via Napalm Records.