The Black Sorcery

The Black Sorcery-And The Beast Spake Death From Above

The Black Sorcery CD Cover.jpg

This is some serious metal, The Black Sorcery have a reputation for spitting, furious metal, and this album shows that it is well deserved.

Ancient Dialects of Wind starts things off, with the howling of the wind, furious guitar and drum patterns and a solid breakdown in the middle, ensuring that the listener never forgets. Traitor Bomb Threat is scorching, growling, deep throated shrieking. Seizures is big, bold riffs mixed with dark imagery to conjure up a terrifying image. Frost Veined is fast and furious mixing the elements together to produce something considerably brutal.

Circling The Drain is next, it is dark, menacing and grooving, the guitars and drums bring life to the song and ensure that it fills out where the vocals might lack. Splintered Glass Arsenal is fast, pounding and frankly quite terrifying in the mixture of melodies and chaos that it brings. Incursion has big and bold riffs, mixed in with a sense of chaos and untimely sadness that ensures the listener is hooked from the get go. Helgeist is thrash focused, with a pounding riff, the vocals sound slightly off kilter.

The album is out on 29th May via Krucyator Productions.