Terrific Verdict

Terrific Verdict-Wheel Of Fortune

“Too Late To Love Or To Hate,” pounds its way into being, smashing down doors with a fierce knocking attack of a one two punch. “Sleep Paralysis,” returns with a galloping marching rhythm. “Wheel of Fortune,” changes things up a little, going with a solid venturing blow. “Lazy Jack,” punches and slows and then speeds up within and without. “Apprentice,” smashes and grabs. “Mr Cleaner,” ventures one way and then another on the riff plateau. “Dance of Death,” a thundering rock riff opus.

“Carolina Reaper,” continues the trend with a fierce push. “Son of Satan,” veers one way and then another, taking turns and leaping through. “Big C,” anthemic. “No Return,” a battering ram to the face. “Silent Honor,” a smashing grabbing run to the bank and back. “I Won’t Drop A Tear,” haunting and ethereal. “The Mystery of Phantom,” a grinding assault.

The album is out on 29th March via Inverse Records.