Tank-Sturmpanzer Review


“2000 Miles Away,” comes in with a thunderous get go, the NWOBHM legends are back in action and delivering a solid kick in the nuts. Everything flies as it is supposed to. “March,” another brutal assault on the senses. “No More War,” a song that ventures through one tack and then the next. Pushing its way down and then up, with swagger. “Lianne’s Crying,” is a dark one, venturing from this way and that, never quite keeping to the rhythm and shifting considerably. “First They Killed The Father,” aggressive and pounding with drive. “Sturmpanzer,” a rocker and a roller, with some serious grit in the delivery.

“Living In Fear Of,” is an anthem, delivered with swagger and bite. “Which Part Of Fuck Off Don’t You Understand,” is a rocker, and punkish, bringing some serious bite to proceedings. “The Last Soldier,” delivers some bite and military panache. “Little Darlin’,” is fast and furious, living up to the punk mentality. “Revenge Of The Filth Hounds,” is dark, brooding and downright metal, bringing some bite and sharpness to proceedings.

The album is out on 16th November via Dissonance Productions.