Tamirel-You And The World Review

Opening with the soft, the eerie The Dark Side of the Mood Tamirel show that they’ve got something cool and interesting going on. Somedays is slow, melodic, melancholic and quite addictive in the textures and the shapes, mixing and matching different elements. The vocals soar and paint an interesting picture. Her Last Words are thoughtful, reflective, with the guitars making the song sound as if it wouldn’t be out of place on the Rivera during a hot summer’s day. All Seasons In The Sky is psychedelic, haunting, ethereal and addictive, guitars paint the scene, and the band carries on from there. Hesitant Soul shakes, its acoustic texture brings things from one point to another, tempting the listener and encouraging them to dig in deeper.

On The Island of Memories is slower, freer and slightly more emotive. Woodlands is an interesting acoustic ditty, with some sharp changes, and melodic harmonies thrown in for good measure. Here When Now is haunting and melancholic, the perfect blend of everything that can and should be. Learnings is quicker, more upbeat and definitely a song that would be big when played live. Glastonbury anyone? Rapid Eye Movements is haunting, jaunty and a fitting close to the record.

The album is out now.