Their debut album was refreshingly new, their second album starts with the clean guitar jangle of the intro moving between lines and creating good time feelings. Queen is bluesy swagger, that would sit down well with Cream and other great bands, the vocals soar and sing throughout. The Wheel is classic rock and roll, a big riff, with melody and charm underlying it. Sunshine Street is slower, more summertime jangle, a song that’s sure to go down well with a few beers. How Sweet It Would be dangles and jangles, playing off varying things to create something new and unique.

Hillside has swagger and a brutal riff that would make the great riff masters of the past proud. The vocals are melodic and proud. Surrender shifts between spacey infused rock to swaggery bluesy dance music. Out Of Line has more swagger in it, with the riffs dancing off the fretboard. Blues Inside is a softer acoustic number that highlights some classic melodies and tunes. Alligater is big and bold, a fitting finish to the album.

SVVAMP 2 is out on June 1st via Riding Easy.