Sulpher-No One Will Ever Know Review

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No One Will Ever Know begins with a heavy fuzz riff, that immediately gets the listener moving their head in time to the rhythm and the anticipation of something epic. The vocals deliver on that promise, slipping in and out of heaviness and groove. Follow You Down is a song with groove and swagger, built on a riff that delivers something quite heavy whilst also containing melody. Used shifts and turns, living up to the band’s industrial tag. You Threw It All Away begins with a piano intro, before the movements and the twists begin, swaying and ensuring the listener will get grooving. Take A Long Hard Look grooves and roars through, enticing the listener before keeping them locked in.

Didn’t Ever, is an interesting mix of complex rhythm patterns and soothing and enchanting vocals that builds on certain aspects of previous songs whilst developing something new. Nothing seems and swaggers with the best of them, all the while creating an interesting environment. Tomorrow is softer, the acoustic guitar and the strings play well into this feeling. Fell Through pounds its way into being. Feels Like The End is a good closer, ambient, heavy and dark all at once.

The album is out  31st August via Oblivion/SPV.