Street Dogs

Street Dogs-Stand For Something Or Die For Nothing Review

The title track kicks things off with some driving riffs and frenetic energy, the vocals are filled with raw energy. Other Ones is another fast paced song, bringing with it a hint of the good times, and memories of days gone by. The Comeback Zone is another call and response song that brings something new and fresh, and ensures the band will be playing this album in full, live. Angels Calling sounds like it was made for the old west, with big fat guitars, a haunting melody and a story time sounding lyrical story. These Ain’t The Old Days is a embrace, a salute to times gone by whilst also serving as a mourning song. Working Class Heroes with its jiving guitars and upbeat rhythms is a middle finger to establishment and a tribute to the working class of the United States.

Lest We Forget is a rocker, bringing big fat stacks with piercing vocal melodies. The Round Up is punkish with some hint of Bruce Springsteen thrown in, another song that is sure to be a favourite when played live. Mary On Believer Street is a dancing number, filled with big riffs, big vocals and big rhythms, an all round monster of a song. Never Above You, Never Below You is the call and response anthem that the album has been building toward. You can just imagine the sing along. Torn and Frayed is a bluesy number that closes things out with that sense of hope, and something bordering on despair.

The album is out on June 22nd via Century Media.