Stoned Jesus

Stoned Jesus-Pilgrims


Excited comes in filled with brass tacks. High on energy and groove, producing something that is both ethereal, and daunting at the same time. Thessalia is swaggering, with a lot of balls, and energy, producing one of the finest displays of groove orientated metal seen in recent times. Distant Light is haunting, challenging and engaging, producing lair upon lair of groove and distorted goodness. Feel is a nice jangling masterpiece that shifts between tone and mentality.

Hands Resist Him is dark, foreboding and downright terrifying in parts, producing a melody so infectious it is like to produce some sort of moshpit when performed live. Water Me comes in hard, barrelling through desperation and anything else of the sort, ensuring that nobody can forget the style of the band. Apathy fits the name well, slow moving, but with twists and turns that burn the style through.

The album is out on September 7th via Napalm Records.