Steel Night

Steel Night-Fight Till The End

“We Are Metal.” begins with a piano introduction, slowly building into the listener’s conscious that something serious is about to happen. Then comes the guitar and drums, working in harmony, slowly building the venture and ensuring that the listener is well and truly engaged. “Run For Your Life,” is fast, furious and pure carnage. “Spell Witch,” takes a turn and dances through the corners, ensuring that the listener once again engages within the mind. “Red Alert,” soars, veers and screams with energy. “Heavy Metal Storm.” produces energy, aggression and rage all in one.

“Fight Till The End,” the title track soars and screams, producing something energetic and uproarious. “You Lost My Heart,” is a pacer and a screamer. “Wings of Steel,” comes in like a battering ram ensuring that none can consider the band having given up the title charge.

The album is out on Friday April 26th.