Steel Engraved

Steel Engraved- Steel Engraved Review


“Where Shadows Remain,” starts off strong with the orchestral opening, it then grows in strength, moving through with power and charm, delivering a few big knockouts and ensuring the listener is hooked. “Generation Headless,” is next, delivering a sharp burst of energy and growth to the album and ensuring the listener is kept hooked. “The Oppressed Will Fly,” is next with some seriously interesting work on the guitars and the melodies. “Slave To Yourself,” is next, producing an interesting dynamic something that is leant by the guitars and the vocal patterns. “Nightwarriors,” continues this march, delivering one big blow then the next, and never letting go.  “Rebellion,” another song with full throttle energy, pounding out a pattern with some serious riffage.

“Searching For Regret,” eases its way into being, delivering a hit and then another and then another. “One Bye One,” starts promisingly with the heaviness of the bass intro, it delivers with the guitar intro shortly afterward and never quite lets up. “Heat,” another song with similar patterns of energy and grace, slamming into life with power. “Your Inner Self,” pauses at times, delivering sharp shocks at others, and is always filled with grace. “Close Your Eyes,” reflective. “We Will Follow,” another soul searcher, that delivers in interesting measurements. “All That Lies Below,” delivers some interesting shifts and changes.

The album is out on 25th January via Rock of Angels Records.