Statement-Force Of Life


“The Hero Inside,” is an interesting mix of blues and darkened rock and roll, a grooving riff provides the background for some serious ass kicking. “Darkness In Your Eyes,” moves like an absolute cracker, bringing about some serious heaviness and driving the point through. “Higher Ground,” is an interesting narrative, bringing forward some fascinating points in the melodical arrangement, an anthem. “I Wonder Why,” slows things down and brings some interesting points of divergence through. “The Hurt,” is a thumping monster of a song, an absolute anthem.

“Force of Life,” brings melody to the fore, and makes the listener get hooked through the hooks and pushes within the song. “California Dreaming,” a heavy take on a classic, bringing some serious thunderous riffage to the fore. “Rock Your Heart Out,” is an anthem, a classic from the past. “Feeling Scared,” a snarling monster. “In This Moment,” a boiling anthem.

The album is out on 1st March via Mighty Music.