Starquake-Time Space Matter

Venturing back four years since their last album, Starquake return with some serious monsters in their tank.

“Starquake,” the opening song is a monstrous number, mixing elements of Deep Purple and Power Metal together, to produce some serious gnarly and juicy takes. “Goddamn,” is harmonizing beauty, slowly shifting through the twist and turns of the melodical venture. “Jack,” is a sad sonnet, toward the forgotten, and the downtrodden, whilst adding in some serious grooves and riffs. “Matona Mia Cara,” is an venture toward harmonies and addendums. “Time, It’s Always Now,” is an interesting one. Bringing together some far ranging harmonies, and throwing in ventures of Jethro Tull alongside some serious hammers.

“Space- Lost Souls,” another soulful number, soaring guitars aplenty. “Matter-And The Giant Was Gentle,” swarmed through in with a lot of energy. The keys leading the charge and growing stronger with every passing moment. “A Never Give Up Suite,” a soaring monster of a song, that leads through the time and changes with growing might and energy. “Off To Pastures New,” is a slow filtering ending.

The album is out on March 29th.