Spirit Adrift

Spirit Adrift-Divided By Darkness


“We Will Not Die,” is classic metal in one fell swoop. It has the huge riffs of yesteryear, and it has the defiant melodical and lyrical content to make things brilliant. A superb opening track. “Divided By Darkness,” swings and swoons. It produces one of the most fantastic pieces of melody I’ve heard in a while. “Born Into Fire,” is dark and chaotic, slowed down within the reach of glory. “Angel and Abyss,” is slow and then builds into epic territory.

“Tortured by Time,” slowly weaves within the world and the power of grace and might. “Hear Her,” an epic riff fest with some serious groove and get. “Living Light,” soars and rages with all the power of the madness. “The Way Of Return,” smashes through the boundaries and produces something chaotic and maddening, a fantastic closer.

The album is out on 10th May via 20 Buck Spin.