Slot-200 kBT Review

Russia’s finest produce another barn storming effort.

“200 kBT,” has some snarling vocals and a pounding guitar rhythm. “Ky,” the siren blaring, monster rocker. “30,” is a pounding thumping monster of a song that delivers some interesting hooks and melodies. “R,” is anthemic. “ECT,” a pounding snarling rip roarer. “CKO,” the funk gets going with power and grace.

“Ha,” is dramatic and surreal. “He,” another bombastic song with frills and edges galore. “Rll,” fills the air with dramatisation. “Cn,” a pounding mouthful. “Son Of A Bitch,” is a snarling monster filled with grace and power. “BCE,” is slow and moving.

The album is out on 5th February via Sliptrick Records.