Sleeplord-Levels of Perception

“Sobibor,” is heaviness personified, with a riff that would do Tony Iommi proud, a pounding rhythm and just general madness. “Bigfoot,” swaggers and swerves with grace and energy. “Stoner,” is a pounding thundering number with the electric power magnet to go with it. “Reason To Live,” swaggers with groove as the vocals burn into light. “Drill Bit,” has a fat riff that smacks the shit out of any and all who listen to it.

“The Hammer,” has quick grooves and energy, a little bit like Message in A Bottle, it delivers some serious bite. “Blood Eagle,” has a resounding thump to its cortex. “Mrs Simms,” pounds the listener into submission with its rhythms and riffs. “Wasted,” beer swilling and hell raising. “Graveyard Rodeo,” filters in with a hanging melody before jumping the gun.

The album is out on May 31st.