Skyeye-Digital God


“Intro,” is dark and threatening. “Fire,” brings the tempo and the pace, building on the suspense of the intro. “Digital God,” slathers and slithers into being, rip roaring into destruction and chaos. “In The Name of Skyeye,” is a curious mix of bluster and darkness within the outer world. “Run For Your Life,” is fast and furious delivering some serious energy, with serious Guns and Roses vibes. “Secrets Of The Damned,” builds on things that have gone before, haunting the shit out of the listener in the process.

“Jerusalem,” is an anthem, cast into stone and developed into a fire. “Confess Your Sins,” dark and heavy, with a slowed down rhythm to add extra brutality to proceedings. “Book Of Life,” thunders into being and smacks the listener in the face repeatedly. “Tsunami,” is slow moving with the energy that comes with the chaos before a storm. “Stardust,” is a hauntingly moving number built on fast and furious riffs. “Galactic Wind,” smacks the shit out of the listener.

The album is out now.