Skull Pit

Skull Pit-Skull Pit Review

Skull Pit - Skull Pit.jpg

“Double Cross,” is a pounding, grafting monster, bringing some serious bite to things, and never letting go. “Roller,” another rocker, balling and biting along with fierce precision. “Fire Breather,” a snaking monster, delivered of evil and bringing gifts to the promised land. “Year Of The Dog,” a bluesy masterpiece, that slowly weaves its way through. “Soul Raiders,” pounds the shit out of the listener and leaves them wanting more.

“Blood Titan,” a rocker with some serious Alice Cooper vibes. “Marauders,” snakes along and delivers a fierce crush and a one two smash to the face. “The Line,” continues the onslaught, never letting go until the final moments when the death grip comes into play. “Wolf Spirit,” keeps things interesting and snakes around. “All The Lessons,” bring fierce competitiveness down the line.

The album is out on 16th November via Metal Blade Records.