Skalmold-Sorgir Review


“Ljosid,” a thumping opener, driven and direct. With great driving riffs, and a snarling vocal arrangement. “Sverdid,” drives along at great pace, producing melodies and weaving connections, the song is one that is sure to go down a treat when performed live. “Brunin,” fast, emphatic and powerful, a song that is sure to get the crowd moving. “Barnid,” another song that thrives off of thrashing riffs, and powerful, soaring vocals.

“Skotta,” a song that delivers sharp and heavy opening riffs, with some seriously kick ass melodies thrown in between. “Gangari,” a fast mover, driving the day and leading the charge with might. “Mori,” another song that delivers sharp streams and bold pronouncements. “Mara,” a fitting closer, epic, deliberate and dark.

The album is out on 12th October via Napalm Records.