Sister Shotgun

Sister Shotgun-Fragments

Fragments CD Artwork.jpg

They’re aggressive and they’re brash, so of course they come from the West Midlands. Sister Shotgun are back with their new album Fragments. Expect to be given the old razzle dazzle.

“Sacred Heart,” is a fat riff multiplied with some heavy grooves and a pounding rhythm. Headbang worthy, when the vocals kick in you know the band means business. “She Lives,” another a thumping rocker, with some serious groove and a pounding bass line. “From The Ashes,” courses through the gear, shifting and turning without a second thought, it grows and approves, disappearing for a moment before returning in full force. “Fragments,” the title track is slow, thoughtful, and a song that is sure to get the audience going when performed live. “Miss Fortune,” is a mighty opus performed on the back of a mighty riff harmony combination.

“For The Love of Hate,” is an interesting song. Slow melodies weave themselves in and out, whilst the guitars overlay with a sense of urgency, the vocals keep the burning going. “Kill The Lights,” brings the anticipation back full circle, weaving in and out whilst announcing destruction for those who dare question. “Silhouettes,” is a thoughtful number with a soaring vocal performance. “Mourning Iris,” jangles and quakes, the riffs are something to behold, grooving like monsters. “Scorn,” another jangling finish.

The album is out on 19th April via Pavement Music.