Silverwind-Legion Of The Exiled

Silverwind were formed in 2005 in Grenoble, France, their heavy/power metal style has brought countless accolades their way and earned them a loyal fanbase. Their new album Legion Of The Exiled is released on 13th November.

The album begins with the title track. Legion Of The Exiled has a Running Wild type vibe to it, what with galloping riffs, and vocals that paint an image that could best the image on the front cover. In a word, the song is simply epic. The epicness continues with Miracle Steel, with its thrash riffage and pounding beat, once more singer Antonie paints a vivid story, and one that would go well in the fantasy novels of old. Fight For Glory is a progression of the epicness scale, bringing with it anthemic choruses and shredding riffs. Steel Against Steel, is a rocker, with its Maiden style licks and vocal melodies it paints an image of battles and the way of the warrior.

Lord Of The Last Rampart is next, bringing with it harmonised guitar intros, tremolo picking throughout the verse, and lyrics about lords and soldiers, another epic song. Revenge, is a quick number, and on this album, that’s saying something. It serves as a call to arms. Medieval Steel is a slow, heavy, grand number with tales of epic proportions fitting in well with the theme of the album. The concluding number is Sword Of The Snow, fast moving, ear pounding, sonically brilliant closer for the album.

With Legion Of The Exiled, Silverwind have hit the gold mine, the album is filled with songs that would make Hammerfall proud, they contain vivid imagery, strong vocal lines and guitar melodies. This is an album that won’t be off repeat for some time. 10/10.