Side Effects

Side Effects-Descending Rabbit Holes Review


Don’t Contradict The Facts comes in with a snarling riff, the vocals soar around as the melody drives the song, the story weaved perfectly. In The Shadow Of A Crumbled Fort produces a snake like riff, driven by energy and grit, ensuring that the listener is hooked, the vocals come in like a taunt. Scratch The Surface moves eclectically through different dimensions producing some fascinating leads and shifts. Colorblind moves with grace and speed, swagger coming in depth. Don’t Turn Away is slower, thoughtful, and provoking, allowing the vocals to really show off. Diversion is a rocker, with a funky riff, and some nice groove.

The Siren Song is a thumping groove, with some really powerful riffs and energy in the vocals, making this a standout song on a record filled with standout songs. Hideout is a nice groove, snaking from one edge to the next. Obituary of Common Sense is slower, psychedelic and powerful, with snaking melodies and whispering riffs. Lint is back on the rocker footing, producing riff after riff of power. Recoil is slower, with emphasis on the funky, bluesy riffs, and snarling vocals.

The album is out via Rockshots Records on 28th September.