Shadowkeep Interview

They hail from England, they’ve got an album coming out, and I was lucky enough to talk to them about it. It’s Shadowkeep:

  1. What inspired the name of the band, and what are your influences?


> 1) inspiration for the name SHADOWKEEP comes from an Intense interest in medieval architecture/castles and ruins…and an interest in the dark supernatural  and/or the unknown.bringing to mind a creepy medieval structure. There’s nothing more “Metal” than that!


> Musical influences- everything from

> Dio/Priest/Sabbath/Deep Purple/Rainbow, to Fates Warning/King

> Diamond/Crimson Glory/Kamelot/Riot/Helstar/Primal Fear Etc… too many to name! \m/




  1. How do you think the band’s evolved during your career?

2) I think the “evolution” of SK has been organic and natural in direction and scope considering the  modern climate and challenges of the industry

> The founders/nucleus of Chris Allen and Nikky Robson are constant and endearing. The music is inherent, it has to come out one way or another.



  1. Could you talk through the recording of your new album, and what themes inspired you during the writing process?

The new SK album “SHADOWKEEP”

> (Pure Steel Records-due out March 30) work began on the new album in late 2016/early2017 was recorded in Surrey,UK at Thin Ice Studio with  Karl Groom(Threshold) producing all Guitars(Chris Allen & Nikky Robson) And Drums(Omar Hayes).

> Bass guitar(Stony Grantham)was recorded in Austin,Texas (engineered by Pete Szabo)

> And vocals(James Rivera) were recorded in Houston, Texas with Larry Barragan(Helstar) at the controls,,,.Mixing and mastering were completed in Germany, By Mr. Robert Romagna!!(Pure Steel).  It’s literally a 3 Headed Monster!! 🙂


> The Themes involved in the writing process of these songs rose from a combined interest in Ancient Greek mythology,  Ancient beliefs and supernatural legends and events, generally , the Mythos of Gods,Monsters and Men!



  1. How do you keep motivated to produce music, considering the changing circumstances of the rock world?

Good Question LOL!

> Ultimately it really is the passion and will to create.. this music will bleed forth no matter if it is ultimately heard by 3 million or 3 thousand. It’s already there and has to come out.

> The blessed curse ha!!


  1. What plans have you got for the future?


with joining the Pure Steel Family,

> Future Plans are to bring as much recorded and live SHADOWKEEP Power Metal to as many Metal fans and friends as possible!!


Shadowkeep-Shadowkeep Review


Hailing from England, Shadowkeep returns with their self-titled new album after a ten-year gap, during which there have been changes and turmoil and a lot of other things. Yet, that hasn’t impacted them in a negative light, instead, it seems to have given them more fuel to produce one of the best albums of the year.

Starting out with the instrumental Atlantis, a tone is set for the album that suggests proper metal, with a no-frills kind of attitude. This promise is met with Guardians of the Sea, a real rager that would get the crowds moving when played live. Followed up with Flight Across The Sand and Horse of War, and already one can picture the rapturous reception this album is going to get when played live. The band are on fire, the guitars are chugging out riffs just made for headbanging and the vocals superb.

The roar continues with Little Lion, Angels and Omens and Isolation, with the band showing off some of their more melodic elements through acoustic and cleaner passages. Yet the heaviness does not depart. Indeed, the heaviness returns with a tribute to the armed services in Never Forgotten, whilst The Sword of Damocles and Minotaur show off the band’s historical knowledge to a tee. Immortal Drifter is another song that brings a punch.

With their new album, Shadowkeep have ensured that they will make a solid mark on 2018. As a fan of metal, or rock, be sure to get this album when it comes out March 30th.