Seven Thorns

Seven Thorns-Symphony Of Shadows Review

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“Evil Within,” starts things off, it is creeping and haunting. It slowly moves into darkened territory and when it does it brings a full sledgehammer to the audience and listener. “Black Fortress,” is true power metal, slamming down things with a fist. The guitars duel one another and the vocals shine with grace and aptitude. “Ethereal,” is a fast moving beast of a song, combining different elements in one fell swoop. It produces an interesting arrangement and is sure to be a live favourite. “Beneath A Crescent Moon,” has oriental flavourings, and that works in its favour, driving the day and ensuring that the listener is hooked to know more about where this is going. “Castaway,” is an interesting mesh of instrumentality and sonic overdrive.

“Last Goodbye,” brings the thunder. Rolling in off the back of some seriously grooving melodical arrangements, it is a fascinating exploration of differing time signatures and riff synchronisations. “Virtual Supremacy,” computer generated and fast moving, with some interesting changes in shape and direction. “Shadows’ Prelude,” an operatic masterpiece that combines some of the best worked melodies into one, for an absolute monster of a song. “Symphony of Shadows,” the title track is an interesting song. Well paced, filled with hooks and melodies that capture the eye, it is sure to get people going when performed live.

The album is out on 14th December via Mighty Music.