Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters Interview

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Kyle, the guitarist and vocalist for Seven Sisters today:


  1. How did you come up with the name of the band, and what are your influences?


“I saw the name Seven Sisters on a tube train, and thought it was a pretty cool name. There was the link to mythology in Ancient Greece, Pagan mythology, and other such things so that was pretty cool. We’ve all got our influences from things such as extreme metal, death metal, black metal, and of course Thrash Metal and the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Myself and our other guitarist Graham are into that sort of music as well so it helps.”




  1. What’s the process for writing and recording music for the band?


“We’ve got a tried and tested method. I write most of the lyrics, the melodies and the music, though on the second album Graham wrote some of the lyrics. I’ll come up with an idea, record the skeleton track, send it to the guys, we’ll go away and learn our parts and then come together to record it.”



  1. What was your approach to writing the songs for your new record?


“So bands like Queensryche, Mercyful Fate, Danger Danger bands with big choruses and hooks was something that really influenced us this time around. And of course with the record being a concept album about the Mists of Avalon which is something that both myself and Graham really like, it made sense to go for a more melodic sort of feel. The Lyrics were the last thing that was written for this record, so they sorted of fit in.”


  1. What plans do you have for the future?


We’re playing an album release show on the day the album comes out which is the 13th April at Blackheart in Camden. We’ll likely be playing the full album at that show and then choosing certain songs to play from there. We’re going to be playing shows in London, Manchester, Scotland, then heading to Ireland, and doing another UK Tour before heading to France and Germany.”

Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters-The Cauldron And The Cross Review


Seven Sisters move right into it with their second album. Starting off with The Premonition, things are fast, groovy, and slightly ethereal if that is the right word. The band is on form and clearly enjoying themselves. Blood and Fire starts off with an acoustic melody, before moving into full epicness, a soaring vocal line that sounds like it’s straight from Angel Witch. Once and Future King is harmonies galore, a soaring epic that will go down a treat live.

Parting The Mists starts with the guitars painting an image of the mist, the song moves into gear and creates an epic story around a solid guitar melody and some incredible vocal hooks. Turning Of The Tide is fast, epic and a song that deserves a live airing. Be sure to play this one on repeat. Oathbreaker starts slowly and thoughtfully, it quickly moves into epic territory and the album benefits from that, another gem.

A Land In Darkness carries the fast pace of the album beautifully, melodic guitar harmonies, soaring vocals and a melody that brings elements of Angel Witch to the mind once more. The Cauldron and the Cross is epic, simply epic. Big guitars, harmonies, an epic story, told across two parts, this is a song, or rather songs that deserve the superb live treatment. This one is sure to be a fan favourite.

Be sure to get this album when it is released on 13th April via Dissonance.