Serpent's KIss

Serpent’s Kiss- Dragon Lord Review

“Black Wizard,” is a journey into the unknown slowly bringing together some beautiful melodies and riffs, and giving a big leg up to the fantastic vocals, a cracking opener. “Innocence,” is a slower song, the acoustic guitars and the vocal melodies keep things interesting and sedate. “Dragon Lord,” the title track comes in with haunting winds, before slowly stepping up the gas and powering through with epic riff after epic riff. “Slaves Of The Light,” a song that captures the imagination with its swaggering riffs and powerful vocals.

“Sabbatha,” is slower, thoughtful and powerful, with a driving riff and a snarling monstrosity on the vocals. “Take The King,” slowly moves through the wind, taking a bite here and there, whilst also growling on the vocals and melodies. “Witches Embers,” a song that is filled with epic riffs and vocal melodies from the beginning. “Winter’s Eve,” slowly shifts and turns from one point to the next, growing with power and rage, a fitting finale.

The album is out now.