Septekh-Pilgrim Review

Septekh Pilgrim hi rez 2.jpg

Starting with the blistering riff collection that is Damned, Septekh have brought themselves to the fore, the lyrics are delivered with a growl and a snarl, producing something akin to a roar. Pounding, and downright terrifying in some instances. A brilliant opening track. Diamonds begins with a solid one-two riff punch, before moving into blistering pace and snarling deliverance. A song that is sure to get things going in the moshpit when played live. Treasures is slower, more deliberating with a pounding rhythm, and a darkness etched in with the vocals that it is sure to be a favourite when performed live. Pretoria is another heavy number, with a snarling riff, a galloping insanity that breeds something on the edge of perfection, producing something shifting and changing. The chorus is monstrous. Kongo is a galloping riff frenzy, producing some of the coolest, and slickest riffs on the album, with the vocals delivering pain and intensity.

Ever Forgotten Gold starts with the jangling and the snarling overdrive of the vocals, it progresses into absolute carnage producing metal anthems for the ages, banging riffs and solid vocal breakdowns. Travesty starts with blistering drums and snarls, continuing with solid pounding riffs and a dark ethereal melody on the vocal line, whilst the drums continue pounding away. Pilgrim shows that the band have perfected the jangling back and forth riff. Producing some solid vocal performances, a snarling, shouting performance mixed in with some darkness. Producing something heavy and pure. Karthoum finishes things off with big riffs, dancing melodies and some serious snakery, producing heaviness in abundance.

The album is out on 24th August via Mighty Music.