Secret Society

Secret Society-The Induction Review


Hailing from Sweden, Secret Society start their EP off with some distorted rhythms and volume swells before moving into overdrive with opening song Broken Church, crashing through the stereo sounds, the vocals are precise and harsh and the guitars build the anger and the sense of desperation. Monsters is slightly more melodic, bringing twin leads, and big swells on the overdrive, the vocals are big, bold and anthemic. A brilliant counter to Broken Church.

Mental Mayhem has big crowd vocals, the sort that was famous in the early 2000s, this then moves into jagged riffs and big vocals throughout the song reflective of the anthemic feel that the band seems to be aiming with for this song. Broken Design is a slightly softer song, more thoughtful, and melancholic but still packing punches. Waysted is fast and furious a brilliant closer to the EP.

Be sure to get this record when it is released on 11th May as a self-release from Secret Society.