Second To Sun

Second To Sun-The Black Review


Ladoga Master starts with the pisstake of 20th Century Fox’s theme song, it then moves into a monstrous riff, and some snarling vocals. The Wall is a gallop and a half, bringing some fascinating little melodies and changes alongside it. Chokk Kapper is big, thunderous and heavy. Vasilisa is a snarl and a half, bringing big cinematic guitars and vocals. Region 13 is slow, chaotic and a melodic poison all wrapped into one.

The Fool is heavy, with the guitars, vocals and other instruments providing the perfect setting for this. Divine is a mix of jazz and classic metal brutality. Letter is bombastic, with pulsating guitar riffs and frenetic energy. Hunger is slower, darker and scarier, the perfect song for a horror movie. MK ULTRA RU is the finale, and it is frenetic, chaotic and downright terrifying.

The album is out now.