Second Sun

Second Sun- Eländes Elände Review

12 obal s 3mm  hrbetem.indd

Vems Fel kicks things off, with the sound of wind and a storm, the guitars come in with a nice little jangling riff, powering the sense that there is more to things, the song then moves into a nice little rocker, powered by a grooving melody and some powerful vocals. Forneka Alt dances and slithers, led by a grooving riff and a pounding rhythm section. Noll Respekt is a rocker from the beacons of Hocus Pocus led by a nice organ riff, and balanced by a groove. Sang till is a rocker, guitars and hammond organ battling it out with one another for supremacy. Enda is another rocker, dancing and shiver on the back of a dance between guitar and hammond.

Ingen Tid Fo is led by a powerful grooving riff, backed by a solid melody and a nice little incantation back and forth. Du Ska is another groover, a mover that wouldn’t be out of place in the Seventies night scene. Det Betyeder Alt is slower, more refined and definitely more psychedelic. Pankia? Is a rocker moving from space to space with power and drive. Ela? Is a rocker, powering through, grooving and riffing from point to point.

The album is out 21st September via Gaphals.