Schubert In Rock

Schubert In Rock-Commander Of Pain Review


Empathy begins with the rocking edges of the riffs, fading into the solid bass lines that bring listeners toward head moving in appreciation. It broaches into classic rock. Burning Heart comes screaming into motion with distorted chaos, before moving into swaggering rock and roll from the top and bottom of the spectrum. Little Boy is slower, with the guitars shredding their hearts desires out on open and ensuring that the epicness of the song is firmly implanted. Too Late is another slower number that builds up into an absolute masterpiece to bring things together for a thrilling climax. Under The Lights brings things back into good old rock and roll territory, with a soaring riff and chorus chant, that is sure to get people moving when played live. World With No Tomorrow is dark, enchanting and simply epic, with thrilling melodies and guitars intertwining. Forgive Me When I fall dances through, from hard rock, to sixties and seventies prog.

Ride The Bullet is a bluesy number that plays on a few things, the darkness within the world, and the haunting vocal melodies of singer Walter Stuefer, add in the huge guitar melodies and you’ve got yourself a masterpiece. On The Line is good old fashioned rock, with a riff to die for and a vocal hook for the ages. It’s Our World is some epic guitar shredding, dancing throughout the song as it moves from one height to the next. Dance Of The Black Tatoo is heaviness, bringing a grounding riff and some serious sludge to the fore. Commander of Pain is epic, infusing prog melodies with metal riffs and an epic vocal line. My Name is Judas is dark and taunting, hovering at the edges of acceptability within the musical context of the album.

The album is out on 29th June via Pure Steel Records.