Savage Messiah, Symphony X

Symphony X and Savage Messiah Live @Electric Ballroom, Camden.

On Thursday 6th June, hundreds gathered at the Electric Ballroom in Camden, to witness the metal titans Symphony X, and the slowly established Savage Messiah tear shit up on the floor. This was part of a forty date run that the two bands were doing, which was culminating in Paris.

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Savage Messiah are hot off the release of their new album Demons and consequently they packed the setlist with songs from that album. “Virtue Signal,” started things off with a heavy racket and a pounding furnace, which was met with a roar from the crowd. “Heretic In The Modern World,” came next, and though there were a few sound problems, the song was well received. “The Bitter Truth,” and “The Lights Are Going Out,” were both improved by the sound quality being a lot better, ensuring the audience got the chance to hear some soaring vocals.

The triple threat of “Under No Illusions,” “What Dreams May Come,” and “Parachute,” was masterfully done ensuring the listeners got their money’s worth. Savage Messiah then closed with “Down and Out,” and “The Fateful Dark,” both of which got the crowd going somewhat.

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After a slight delay in the change over, Symphony X soon graced the fans with their presence.

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It’s been a few years since Symphony X graced Britain’s shores, but they started off strong with: “Iconoclast,” and “Evolution (The Grand Design,)” getting the crowd roaring. “The Serpent’s KIss,” got a roar when it was started and Romeo shredded the house down. “Nevermore,” weaved itself in and out before the crowd were graced with “Without You,” and a mighty singalong was had by all.

“Domination,” and “Run With The Devil,” got the crowd going even more, and ensured there were a few mosh pits flowing around. “Sea of Lies,” and “Set The World On Fire,” dominated proceedings and ensured the crowd got their money’s worth, seeing Romeo effortlessly shred is something that makes many guitarists jealous, this reviewer included. The band then concluded on “The Odyssey,” a song so epic and bombastic that it flew by in moments.

A fantastic gig and one to bring the house down.





Savage Messiah

Savage Messiah-Demons


Savage Messiah are one of Britain’s leading metal bands, and now that they’ve returned with a new album, be sure to check out the frenzy below. Demons is a right return to form.

“Virtue Signal,” is a blistering introduction. Twisting and turning with a riff that knocks the shit out of the listener on first go. The vocals are biting and angry. A great introduction and a right return. “What Dreams May Come True,” slowly works its way up into a frenzy. It begins slowly, with a clear melody intertwined with some interesting little clicks here and there on the guitars. When the vocals kick in, that’s when the true epicness of the song is revealed. Another gem. “Heretic In The Modern World,” another seismic shift in tone. A brutal introductory riff mixed together with some fast and furious riff work. A galloping joint with a condemning tell on the state of the modern world. “Parachute,” an absolutely outstanding song. Mixing together that old Western feel with some seriously metal melodies and riffs. This is surely going to be an anthem for the summer and beyond. A song to get the crowd singing and bellowing the words out. “Under No Illusions,” a song that gives a damning tell about the music industry shifts in with the brutal riffs and snarling lyrics. “Down and Out,” another song that snakes in with that jamming riff before moving into absolute headbanging territory. Savage Messiah are on fire here.

“The Lights Are Going Out,” starts off clean, it moves within the framework of the initial melodies. You can tell that there is some dark truth lurking beneath the surface, just waiting to come out. As the song progresses, the vocals lead the way in shaping the narrative, a darkened abyss approaches. “The Bitter Truth,” smashes the listener in the face from the get go with a blinding riff and a snake eyes vocal melody. It takes the listener by the balls and does not let go. “Until The Shadows Fall,” is a song that slowly builds into a monster. The guitars lead the way here with their riffs weaving in and out of one another, the vocals slowly bring things up to a boil. “Rise Then Fall,” batters away at the listener, turning them into mush. “Steal The Faith In Me,” a fitting finish, rocking the house down with a mighty riff.

The album is out 17th May via Century Media. Be sure to get it!

Savage Messiah

Savage Messiah Interview


Savage Messiah are at the forefront of the British Metal scene, and with their new album Demons set to be released in the next few months, one can expect the anticipation to notch up several degrees. I had the pleasure of speaking with frontman Dave about the album and the band’s career:


  1. What inspired the name of the band and what are your influences?


“I was up late at night in my parents house a long time ago flicking through the channels on Sky, and I came across this movie called ‘Savage Messiah’ and I thought it was a cool name that chimed with what our influences were, you know Judas Priest, Metallica, that sort of thing. I thought it definitely wouldn’t look out of place on the roster of band names next to theirs.”


  1. What’s your process for songwriting?


“It’s changed a lot over time. Before we wanted to be like our influences, so we used to copy their patterns, and then gradually over time that changed. Now we’ve got a method, we usually get a collection of ideas and then enter the studio, and record what we’ve got down.”


  1. There’s been a bit of a change over the career of the band in terms of the style of the albums, has that been deliberate?


“With Hands of Fate, the album with the greatest change in style, we had left earache records, we had no record label, and we were effectively starting again. We realised that because of the industry attitude toward us-that we were looked down upon, seen as a bit of a cliché and not taken seriously- we were facing an uphill battle. We decided to change things up. It worked, the songs that we wrote were well received and we recorded things and we got a record deal. Essentially it was a case of needing to progress to stay alive and thriving.”



  1. What influences were present during the writing and recording of the new album, and how has the band managed to survive, where other similar bands have failed?


“With this new album we kind of surprised our record label, because usually a band doesn’t enter the studio eight or nine months after just having had a record out, but we were pumped. We had a new agent, we’d done headline tours of the UK and Japan, and we felt confident. We were a lot more creative this time, and I think that rubbed off on the songs. My favourite song is ‘Under No Illusions,’ which is basically about understanding the bullshit in the music industry and cutting through it. “

“As to how we’ve survived for this long, I think a lot of it has to do with pure stupidity, and just dogged determination. We figured out where we wanted to be and we made sure we did everything we could to get there. We’ve dodged a few bullets in our time, and just kept going. You never know what might happen so you’ve just got keep going.”