Monster - Cover.jpg

Hailing from the home of Vikings, Sandberg bring their A game with the opening track Strigoi, a song that has a haunting intro, before moving into gear with a driving riff and a solid vocal line. A song that gets the blood pumping, with big choruses. Let It Fade Away is a softer, slower more thoughtful song that still packs a mighty punch, with the guitars in overdrive, and the drums pounding. We Can Steal Your Life is fast, furious and absolutely metal. Solid guitars, pounding vocal lines and a secure rhythm section. Circle of Anger starts with a clean lead, that plays during the start of the song as the heavy riffs kick in, creating a sense of desperation and the vocals are precise and fit the desperation within the song.

You Don’t Own Us is a mix of heavy and a taunt, the music reflects the vocal performance, suggesting that this is a call to arms, a call out song and one that would get the crowd moving quite massively during their time seeing the band live. King Father moves with the times, breaking into different modes, slow, sometimes fast, but always heavy. The Man Without a Face is quick paced, moving quickly, silently and filled with rhythm, a song sure to get people moving. Title track Monster is eerie, and precise, and downright scary and fast, a fitting closer to the record.

Be sure to get the record when it is released on 18th May, via Mighty Music.