SAGE-Anno Domini 1573 Review


Rivers Will Be Full Of Blood snakes, snarls, and pounds its way to the fore, with an anthemic chorus, and a powerful vocal melody, ensuring the listener is hooked from the get. Rebellion is heavy, pounding, and distorted, the vocals build up the sheer power within the song and ensure the story is fully told. Wolf Priest comes to life with guitar harmonies dancing around, and captivating the audience, ensuring the vocals soon blend forward. Dragon Heart snarls, its guitar work is phenomenal and it ensures that there is nothing but power and anger at its heart. Two Souls builds on Dragon Heart taking things to the next level, ensuring nobody is left behind. Blacksmith’s Tale is a powerful song, flitting between soft and melodic and hard and powerful.

Man of Sorrow comes in hard with the synth intro, it moves into a haunting grilling, shifting and turning with the tides, ensuring the listener is constantly kept on their toes. Join Us is a powerful battering ram to the senses, demanding to be heard and listened to, with the guitars snaking in and out. Treason snarls, dancing around the edges, tempting the listener to guess where it is heading next. Battle powers through, bringing some nice medieval elements to the fore, such as the tin flute. Heaven Open Your Gates is an interesting number, beginning with a Gregorian chant, and moving into some seriously powerful and aggressive ranges.

The album is out on 21st September via Rockshots Records.