Sadauk- A New Dawn Review

Sadauk, a blend of styles mixed into a portion of epicness, with an amazing front cover for their new album A New Dawn.

Overture, is the perfect start to the album, thoughtful, organic, with strings and synths to set the tone just right. Melhinis Death is song two on the record, starting with a rhythm pattern of moving notes, with a synth backing, and drums that follow the pattern, it moves into the symphonic heaviness that has become hugely successful throughout the metal community bringing dark vocals. Cursed Land starts with the guitar build up and moves into the heavy territory that suggests that there is more to come. Battle A God follows a similar pattern as Cursed Land and is just as epic. Funeral Among The Roses, is a slower number, more reflective, with a female vocal lead, which makes one stop and reflect on all that has happened.

Eleannas Prophecy moves things into a huge number, driving guitars, heavy drums and soaring vocals which make the build-up previously seem well worth it. Vikingagillets Kvade is a one minute interlude and seems to be setting the scene for a Viking mosher of a song with the callback and forth, the gang chant and spoken vocal really builds anticipation for what is to come. Sailing Away meets that description quite nicely, big guitars, heavy drums, melodic interludes abound. As They Sleep Beyond The Horizon starts with a clean guitar melody, it moves into the driving rhythm and vocal melody lines that one has come to expect, mythical lyrical content explored in full. Tears of The Sun seems to be the ballad of the record, slow, ripping solo, slow guitar melodies, heavy vocal leads, with mournful overtones.

Who Is King In Paradise, is heavy, big guitars, roaring solos, and quick drum beats all add to the sense that this, this number right here is to be the epic live song that gets the crowd going. Hourglass has an acoustic melody interlaced with the playings of a harp, with female vocals, a thoughtful and considerate song. Sage and Jester is another rip roaring song from the band, and another song that will go down in metal legend.

A New Dawn is heavy, melodic and inspired. Another album to add to your collection when 8th December rolls around. 10/10.