Sacral Rage

Sacral Rage-Beyond Celestial Echoes Review

“Progenitor,” is space enthused, delivered with a hint of synth and bite. “Eternal Solstice,” a song lead by strong vocals and mixed together with some intriguing chordal arrangements for the guitars. A song that will definitely be a hit when performed live. “Vaguely Decoded,” starts with the eerie synth and slow tuned guitars. It moves into a slow moving rocker, that truly delivers on its promise. “Suspended Privileges,” another song that truly lives up to its name, a rocker with a fast grooving riff and soaring melody in place.

“Samsara,” dances along the ground, driven by a prophetic type riff, and built off the back of some serious work. “Necropia,” another song that synthesis in and out of time with abundance and delivering another metal gem into the pantheon. “Onwards To Nucleus,” another song that performs well with the acoustic flares and some interesting changes. “The Glass,” is the long term shifting and changing finale that delivers on everything the album had promised before.

The album is out on 19th October via Cruz Del Sur Music.