Saboter-Architects Of Evil Review

“Temple of R’yleh,” is a fascinating little ditty, with a powerful groove and force to it, the riffs are amazing and the arrangements of the instruments are powerful and moving. “Architects Of Evil,” riff drive, filled with aggression and power, whilst the vocals weave a tale. “Rose Red,” another epic tale constructed off the back of a powerful riff. “Golden Owl,” another song that is filled with harmonised riffs, and a brutal vocal melody.

“To Glory We March,” has the war feeling down pat. Filled with energy and grit, determination continues down that path. “Sword Of The Guardian,” a rocker backed by solid riffs and an impressive vocal arrangement that keeps the listener on their toes throughout. “Order of Charity,” a song that grooves, shakes and shimmers with pride and agency. “Lamias Call,” a fitting closer with epic riffs and destructive vocal lines.

The album is out on 16th November via No Remorse Records.