S91-Across The Sacred Path


“Constantine The Great,” is a soaring energetic movement that brings some fascinating melodies and lyrical content to the fore. “Saint Patrick,” is fast moving, and electrifying. “Pope Gregory I,” is slow, emphatic and beautiful. “Olaf II Haraldson,” is a gallivanting epic number, telling the story of a great King who delivered the world onto the stage. “Godfrey of Bullion,” the leader of the First Crusade, is as epic as the man himself.

“Joan of Arc,” slows things down a tad, then produces some interesting shifts and changes. The vocals are soaring and harmonious. “Martin Luther,” is as chaotic and angry as the man himself. “John Williams,” takes things to another turn, producing a slap and then a rage. “Dietrich Bonhoeffer,” is another song that veers throughout with rage and anger.

The album is out on 22nd March via Rockshots Records.