Rylos-Solarworks Pt 1 Review

Leaving Earth is a nice beginning, filled with energy, pounding drums and soaring vocal melodies. Super Duperstore is another rocker, shifting and changing through the ground work, pounding away with brutal rhythms and some nice little interchanges with the vocals. Celestial Rendezvous is slower, and epic because of it, producing some insane rhythms along the way. Meltdown is a mix of fast and slow, bringing the confusing rhythms and melodies to the fore whilst ensuring the listener never gets lost. Funbusters is a rocker, producing some serious groove.

Interstellar Explorer is a rocking number, shifting side to side, producing nice little elements of everything. Last Days of Autumn shivers and shakes, producing pounding rhythms and ensnaring the listener. A Place To Call Home ricochets and bounces from one beat to the next. Beneath The Iron Stars is a rocking number, backed by solid guitars, and a catchy melody. Unnamed Suns is slower, with a pounding riff making things all the more enticing.

The album is out September 7th via Secret Entertainment.