One of Sweden’s most renowned AOR bands returns with a new album. Now! is a barnstorming collection of melodical sweeps and changes.

“Never Enough,” the first song on the record soars and ventures within the melodical canton and ensures the listener is hooked from the beginning. “Keep On Dreaming,” has some interesting riffs, slowly building into a crescendo and ensuring that the listener is kept on the line. “Soldiers of Love,” is a big and anthemic song. Delivering in sharp bursts and slow melodic fills. “We Can Make It,” dances down the line, slowly growing in melodies and energy, dancing around with a little change. “Secret Room,” bounces with elemental energy. The piano makes for a very nice addition.

“Better Day,” brings about another interesting tint, slowly growing on the edges. The guitar riffs add something new and friendly to the listener’s pallet, whilst the vocals are sharp and concise. “Turn It Around,” soars and shimmers, with some anthemic melodical arrangements. “The Only Way,” is a strong guitar driven song, that delivers on hooks and crooks. “Another Night,” seduces you with the synth intro and the slow moving of the guitars. “Right By Your Side,” closes things off with some big and bombastic vocals and guitars.

The album is out on 22nd March via Black Lodge.