Rosy Vista

Rosy Vista-Unbelievable Review


“Crazy,” a soaring rock and roll anthem, starts off this album by the all female Rosy Vista. A scorcher, the riffs are filled with high octane energy and the vocals weave a story. “Sadistic Lover,” weaves the tale once more, on the back of some truly grooving melodies. “Master of Control,” gallops and weaves and roars. “Too Much Feeling,” slows things down and brings with it a harder edge. “Tables Are Turned,” a scorching rock and roll anthem, that brings things to a head. “Until I’m Satisfied,” is a mix of soft edges and hard rock and roll melodies.

“Hopatina,” weaves in and out, and brings with it some fascinating stories, bringing the edge right to the floor. “Poor Rosy,” a rocker and a driver. “Sound Of Your Love,” another corker of a song that weaves and whips in and out. “Rockin Through The Night,” classic eighties rock and roll stylings. “Changing My Mind,” an anthem. “Born To Be Wild,” closes things out.

The album is out on 8th February via Steamhammer/SPV.