Rolled Up Sleeves

Rolled Up Sleeves- Pointless Review

Rolled Up Sleeves - Pointless.jpg

They’ve been compared to the Arctic Monkeys and the Strokes and on this EP, the band really show off their chops. Happy and Alone has some very good phasing riffs, and some serious bite, the riffs are on point, the vocals are filled with energy, really you can be sure they’re going places.  Junkie In Disguise is slower, filled with more sludge and darker freneticism, than Happy and Alone, and as such swings and gloats with the best of them.

Sell My Soul is trippy, slightly elemental, and definitely infused with some dark stuff. Grooving and an invitation for more subtle art forms. Pointless is furious, grooving, rocking and downright heavy, some serious shifts and turns, definitely a fitting closer.

The EP is out 1st September via Mighty Music.