Rockstar Frame

Rockstar Frame-Bulletproof Review


Featuring the brilliant Kiara Laetitia Rockstar Frame are here with a new album.

Luv Calamity is classic rock, with a driving root riff, a pounding rhythm section and a dancing bass line, the vocals fit in with the teasing and the slithering movement that the guitars create. Ready Goodbye is heavy, the riff is pulsating, grooving, and the vocoals follow the line of a break up, adding to the sense of heaviness in the song. Human Starvation is filled with big bold riffs, dancing from one slithering part to the next Kiara Laetitia provides some amazing vocal melodies. Time Bomb has big riffs, a grooving rhythm section and some very catch vocal melodies, this is a song that is sure to get the crowd going. Sirio’s Interlude features a piano based introduction that sets the scene as some sort of late 1920s jazz bar, and it creates an atmosphere that builds toward the next song.

Suicide follows on from the interlude, it is dark, slow moving and heavy, the right style for the song. French Madness is grooving, a crawling paced song that has balls, some serious riffs and a brilliant middle section. Indestructible is a mixed message, a ballad but with added edge, it allows Kiara to really shine through, taking us through her vocal range. Christmas Rape is dark, but also somewhat messed up, a song that varies from place to place depending on its message. Secret is big, ballsy rock, the guitar riffs are precise and filled with sharp distortion, the vocals are teasing and taunting, a song that is sure to catch on live. Tried is a mix of piano based melodic music, that eases you into the story that Kiara is telling, and the slightly heavier elements that continue to add to the story as it progresses.

The album is out on June 15th, via Musicarchy Media.