Road Warrior

Road Warrior-Power


Don’t Fight Fate kicks things off with an interesting melody on the guitar, shifting and progressing into heaviness overload, the bass provides the backbone of the song. Power on Iron Wing is frenetic, and heavy metal at its purest. Devils In Waiting haunts the fray, bringing little twists and turns, burning into the downright epic. I Am The Hunger is a mix of classic rock, and power metal, with rhythms and grooves taken from both.

Tease N Torture shifts and starts, moving from one place to the next, delivering some serious power. Sweating Out The Poison is an exploration into the art of deftness and subtly, bringing some interesting twists and turns. Back Alley Tokyo Woman is a rocker, with the drive and precision of Zepplin. The Future Is Passed is slow, ominous and snarling, backed up by a pounding bass and guitar duet.

The album is out 5th October via Gates Of Hell Records.